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flowplayer working from time to time?

flowplayer black window problem?

flowplayer shows black window sometimes?

flowplayer sometimes not working?

Enough Google feeding. The solution is simple and not as obvious.

Make sure you do not serve SWF files gzipped (server-side, by Apache’s mod_gzip for example).

I already wasted 3 hours for this.


Would you like to send an e-mail with Django? Would you like to use an admin-editable template, which is stored in the db? Well, here’s a small code snippet for you :

I am trying to add more backends support for django-pgsql-interval-field . Unfortunatley, as my current work involves PostgreSQL-based Django application, I am unable to test on anything else, than PostgreSQL. Anybody interested in helping me with this project?

I’d like to announce my new, simple project for Dojango – dojango-datable, available here:

This project allows you to create a definition of a table (in Python). Then, by adding 3 simple tags to your HTML template, you can render a pretty dojo.DataGrid table. Then, by chaning the request’s GET parameters, you can generate XLS or CSV file with the data.

Patches welcome.

Please have a look at if you are using PostgreSQL with Django and want to implement INTERVAL fields. No bigints, no fancy timedelta-to-seconds conversion, just plain old simple PostgreSQL’s native INTERVAL type. Isn’t this cool?

I already use this simple implementation in a commercial setting and it does work pretty well.

Problems? Feel free to send me a patch.

There’s much buzz on the web recently. Let’s sum up:

Is there anything to add? Well, all the reasonable opinions of all the wise people out there are already online, so – and now for something completley different:

(I miss Everybody loves ESR, by the way)

Not exactly Python, but should help for those of you out there, who are also using Vista… focus stealing prevention fix for Windows.