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I am trying to add more backends support for django-pgsql-interval-field . Unfortunatley, as my current work involves PostgreSQL-based Django application, I am unable to test on anything else, than PostgreSQL. Anybody interested in helping me with this project?


I’d like to announce my new, simple project for Dojango – dojango-datable, available here:

This project allows you to create a definition of a table (in Python). Then, by adding 3 simple tags to your HTML template, you can render a pretty dojo.DataGrid table. Then, by chaning the request’s GET parameters, you can generate XLS or CSV file with the data.

Patches welcome.

Please have a look at if you are using PostgreSQL with Django and want to implement INTERVAL fields. No bigints, no fancy timedelta-to-seconds conversion, just plain old simple PostgreSQL’s native INTERVAL type. Isn’t this cool?

I already use this simple implementation in a commercial setting and it does work pretty well.

Problems? Feel free to send me a patch.